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About to take driving lessons in London? A quick guide.

driving lessons London

Learning to drive is a lifelong skill that will pay for itself many times over, but it can be quite daunting. We're here to guide you through the process and offer help and advice to anyone thinking about taking driving lessons in London.

Whether it's applying for your first provisional licence, taking to the road for the first time or preparing for your theory and practical tests, we're happy to offer advice and assistance to all of our students. We can point you in the right direction for applications, forms and information, and also direct you to the best places to find practice tests and videos to help make sure you're ready when the time comes.

Applying for your provisional licence

Before you can start driving you need to have applied for a provisional driving licence with the DVLA. You can do this any time after your 17th birthday, providing you meet the minimum eyesight requirements and other DVLA regulations. You can pick up a copy of the application form (D1) from any Post Office, or for more information or to apply online visit the DVLA website. Once you have your provisional livence you're legally allowed to start driving, so it's essential that you get the application process underway before you book any lessons.

Appying to take the driving theory test

Anyone holding a provisional licence can apply to take the driving theory test and hazard perception test, both of which must be successfully completed before a student can apply to take the practical test. We will help prepare you for the theory test, including giving advice on the best ways to learn your driving theory and highway code and how you can go about booking the test itself. For full details of the theory elements of the driving test visit the DVLA's theory test index.

The test is designed to make sure that all drivers are fully aware of their responsibilities as road-users, so it's an essential part of becoming a safe driver. You can find some materials to help you prepare for your theory test here:

Taking to the road

Once you have your provisional licence you can legally drive a car if you are accompanied by a full licence holder. Full reglations from the DVLA regarding who can supervise your driving can be found here. This can be a useful way of practising between driving lessons and can really help speed up the process of learning the key skills of driving and gaining confidence.

Visit the following link to view a checklist for new drivers:

Taking your practical test

Once you've started your driving lessons with London School of Driving we'll keep a close eye on how you are progressing and advise when we think you are ready to apply to take your practical test. We always try to be honest with our students, and if we don't think you're quite ready, we'll make sure we get you to the point where you have every chance of passing prior to discussing the practical test. We'll make sure you have the confidence and skills needed to give it your best shot.

The following useful links provide more information for anyone thinking of learning to drive: